February 20, 2020

ReportIQ Community Shares Analytics Breakthroughs At IQ2020

Atlanta, GA. – February 20, 2020. Hundreds met in Atlanta for new advanced analytics insights using SEDC’s cloud-based Snowflake platform

Analytics breakthroughs of all kinds shined brightly at SEDC’s advanced analytics conference, IQ2020.

Show me the data!
Data literacy has become the new currency of success among utilities. “Finding data leaders for your organization is critical,” said conference presenter Nelson Davis, President of Analytic Vision, “because data literacy is at the core of innovation.” As a former Tableau Zen Master, Mr. Davis knows.

Instead of saying “show me the money,” we should say “show me the data.”

Often hearing “If I can do this, so can you!”
Presenters from different utilities shared their success stories across advanced analytics use cases in many different departments and also described how they gained confidence in their ability to use ReportIQ due to the strength of the user community and SEDC support in helping them be successful.

“If I can do this, so can you,” was a statement heard coming from several utility presenters.

Data literacy requires the right tools
If you could only read one letter per second of a word at a time before moving on to the next letter, imagine how difficult it would be to achieve the literacy that enables you to end up enjoying a novel or understanding a complex report.

Similarly, it turns out that the amazing speed of SEDC’s Snowflake cloud-based platform has as much to do with promoting data literacy as all the great Tableau-based tools within SEDC ReportIQ.

Why the need for speed?
One of the surprising reasons SEDC’s advanced analytic solutions continue to provide dramatic and game-changing improvements is the connection between data literacy and the ease and speed of the user interface.

At the General Session, during his live demo of the Entensity deep level analysis toolset which SEDC has built on its ReportIQ platform, Bob Basaraba, VP of Strategic Projects said, “details emerge when you interact with data this easily – details that naturally make you ask better questions, and get better answers because you see the value of things right away when you can take any slice you want of the live data you are looking at.”

That is the sort of insight that becomes clearest only after you have moved forward and then take a good look back. But clearly, many audience members shared the same sentiment, based on the laughter heard across the room when Bob then asked whether everyone enjoyed “the good old days” prior to ReportIQ, and whether “they remembered doing queries on massive AMI data sets, and how “easy” that was.”

That laughter was very revealing in the few seconds it took Bob to jokingly ask his “gold old days” question, his screen refreshed to show new results from his live query on billions of data items across tens of millions of rows of AMI data from North Georgia EMC. In the “good old days” prior to ReportIQ such complex queries could easily have taken an hour or more, rather than a few seconds.

We have entered a new world! For more information on how to join us, contact Robert Basaraba, VP of Strategic Projects, at SEDC, at [email protected].

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