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Putting data to work for you

The power of data lies completely in the ability to transform it into meaningful results. At Meridian, we get it. That’s why we do the hard work for you. Our solutions easily link your data with reporting and tracking tools that are easy to understand and work with. Learn more about our cutting-edge analytics including:


Advanced Analytics

From the homepage to personalized columns in reports, take the reins and make your critical data work for you.

Consumer Usage Patterns

Rendering large volumes of AMI data into actionable visual intensity models.

Meter Data Management

Our real-time data works to deliver real savings for you and your customers and members.

Snowflake Data Warehousing

Snowflake is the industry-leading cloud platform behind our most powerful analytics solutions. Process unprecedented levels of data in minutes with Snowflake as your guide.


Increase your network resilience with trusted solutions

We take cybersecurity seriously. When you choose Meridian, you’re choosing a trusted security solution you can feel confident in. Whether it’s a daily need like multi-factor authentication or a critical need for disaster recovery, our solutions let you focus on continuing to provide utility services while we take care of keeping it safe, secure, and compliant.


PCI DSS Compliance

From start to finish, we have the tools to keep you secure and compliant.

Disaster Recovery

Nature and hardware are unpredictable. Our solutions are anything but.

Advanced Security Database Encryption

Cutting-edge data encryption that keeps you agile, flexible, and secure.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Our proactive approach to threat protection helps you detect and repel attacks quickly.

Managed Security Services

Let our cybersecurity team add to your IT team for around-the-clock cybersecurity surveillance.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our protection goes beyond names and passwords to keep your data safe.

Point-to-Point Encryption

We have innovative solutions to keep valuable payment data secure and your services flowing smoothly.

Cyber Awareness Education

Our team can help your team understand how security works so you can build a cyber-secure culture.

Information Security Program Library

Our vast knowledgebase and easy-to-use templates help you craft policies and procedures to meet best practices and beyond.


Connecting made easy

Part of our user-first and intuitive design is making sure you can access the information you need when you need it. That’s why Meridian offers a variety of ways to engage and interact. From mobile apps, a personalized customer portal, and more, there’s never a shortage of touchpoints to keep communication streamlined and simple.



Our omni-channel communication options connect you to your members and customers through a streamlining platform.

Smart Apps

Our utility-branded mobile apps provide easy access to secure account management and payment options.

Mobile Apps

Customizable notifications give your critical communications the proper channel to reach the intended audience at any time and place.

Alerts & Reminders

Log into our customer portal 24/7 to get access to your personalized dashboard and more.
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Premium Communications

Keep members and customers in the loop with our robust multi-channel communications and outreach solutions.


Solutions that improve coordination and efficiency

Our Field solutions keep office personnel, field crews, and their technology on the same page. That way, they spend less time figuring it out and more time following through.

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Our robust iOS app puts inspections, outages, and service orders at your fingertips.
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Achieve rapid restoration with real-time management of outages and crews.
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Streamline construction design with a paperless workflow and integration into GIS and FIS.
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Our GIS is the core system of record for Engineering and Operations and insures a common language across the utility.


A better experience and a better bottom line

Meridian is designed to make key components of your daily office operations as seamless and intuitive as possible. We’ve innovated billing, approvals, and even learning and development to reduce red tape and roadblocks.


Billing (CIS) & Accounting (FIS)


Broadband Billing & Provisioning


Document Imaging


Consumer Payments


Automated Approvals




Learning & Development


Alerts & Reminders


Take the stress out of workflows and processes

The way your operations run builds the foundation for your success. Meridian’s solutions extend your operations well beyond your doors, serving your consumers and employees with specialized tools for managing workflows and processes.

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Operations Management

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Asset Management

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Fiber Provisioning

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Bill Printing & Mailing

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Financial Services

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