Build Insight

While it’s certainly true that knowledge is power, attempting to wield that power without precision usually brings more headaches. Today this is truer than ever, as many modern utilities seek to transform massive libraries of customer and business data into actionable insights but lack the specialized tools and personnel to do so effectively. Meridian Cooperative’s […]

Bits & Bytes – First Quarter, 2015

SEDC to Introduce New IVR Solution in Early 2015 New “Hardware Independent” Option Eliminates Excessive Costs and Overhead of Traditional IVR Imagine being able to deploy one of the most modern Interactive Voice Response platforms on the market, without having to spend any money upfront for hardware components or server licenses. Imagine coming to work […]

Tangible Benefits of MDM for Utilities and Consumers

Significant Impact on Day-to-Day Operations through Cost Savings and Customer Satisfaction From engineers tracking distribution anomalies to loss prevention officers pinpointing energy theft, and from CSRs to consumers, MDM is proving to be a valuable tool for reducing losses, improving understanding on the consumer’s part, and saving money – for both the utility and the […]

Mobile Workforce Rolling Out Powerful New Features

UPN’s Mobile Workforce Management application is constantly evolving to bring the best technologies and capabilities to our customers, and we are excited to announce a packed list of new features that will be rolling out over the next few months. One of the biggest new features in Mobile Workforce is the new AVL (Automatic Vehicle […]

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