October 8, 2018

SEDC Announces Collaboration with Five, Incorporated

SEDC is pleased to announce its integration collaboration with Five, Incorporated.

As electric cooperatives across the country work diligently to close the digital divide and bring broadband access to the heart of rural America, SEDC will soon release a broadband suite of services, which includes broadband billing and device provisioning software.

Five, Inc. draws its roots from building and operating service provider networks for telecommunications companies and rural utilities. For almost fifteen years, Five, Inc. has been developing operational and business support systems for broadband service provisioning and network alarm management. Their experience in the field provides a significant knowledge base to support utilities currently participating in or newly entering into the telecommunications space.

“At Five Incorporated, we have developed a long-standing relationship with SEDC for over a decade that has been to the benefit of our mutual customers. It’s exciting to join forces with such an innovative organization and I feel confident that this new broadband provisioning software will provide a winning solution for our service providers for years to come,” says Alan Ellison, CEO of Five, Inc.

Together, SEDC and Five, Inc. are hard at work integrating their automated broadband provisioning and customer information systems. With this new product, duplicative account management is eliminated and replaced with a unified CIS combining electric and broadband account management with integrated hardware provisioning.

When asked about the collaboration, SEDC’s CEO RB Sloan stated, “The team at Five Inc. brings a wealth of knowledge in broadband provisioning. This joint collaboration not only enables us to bring our customers the absolute best in broadband billing and service provisioning solutions, but it also helps to support our industry’s broadband growth.”

About SEDC

SEDC has been a leader in the development of innovative utility software solutions for over four decades. We’re committed to providing our users with CIS/Billing, Accounting, Engineering and Operations applications configured to meet their needs. Our all-in-one solutions are cost-effective and customizable – and backed by our team of expert designers and dedicated support staff that is second to none in terms of developing cutting-edge technologies and building lasting relationships. Learn more at www.sedata.com

About Five Inc.

Five, Inc. is a business services and software solutions company, made up of professionals with decades of experience in software development, telecommunications, utility billing, customer communications, and web/mobile applications. Using our strengths in strategic planning, business management, integrated billing solutions, and enterprise growth agents, Five, Inc. strives to create new revenue-generating opportunities for our clients by enabling the rapid deployments of advanced service offerings through well-managed, robust networks. Learn more at www.fiveinc.net

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