October 24, 2017

SEDC Named to 10 Best Security Companies 2017 by CIO Bulletin

SEDC ranked alongside HID Global and Barracuda Networks as a leading force in cybersecurity for utilities

CIO Bulletin, an interactive leadership platform serving as a central resource for information on Business & Information Technology (IT) leaders, recently named SEDC among their top 10 choices for security companies. In selecting SEDC, CIO Bulletin recognized SEDC’s extensive efforts in helping utilities improve their cyber posture through the Cyber Resilience Initiative, which addresses three critical areas of security: the People, the Processes, and the Technology.

Since its launch in 2016, the Cyber Resilience Initiative (CRI) has quickly ramped up to provide extensive cybersecurity products and services to electric membership cooperatives, public power districts, municipal utility providers, and water utilities across the country. Through SEDC’s CRI, utilities have access to affordable Cyber Awareness Education for employees and their families; guidelines for creating and implementing policies and procedures for cyber resilience; and next-generation technology to strengthen the utility’s network and infrastructure defenses.

SEDC also operates a dedicated Security Operations Center, staffed with highly-skilled security analysts, to provide 24/7/365 network monitoring, asset discovery, event management, and intrusion detection for utilities. Through SEDC’s Managed Security Services (SEDC MSS), the company provides a higher level of network security at a fraction of the cost to the utilities.

“The combination of education, process, and technology helps us to know what to do when something happens, and to do it quickly,” says Jacek Szamrej, SEDC’s VP of Cybersecurity. “The attacks are coming more frequently, and they’re getting stronger every time with higher difficulty in accurate detection. Utilities have to be at their best to make sure they can spot these intrusions quickly. When the intrusions get by the best defenses, they need procedures to know how to quickly stand back up.”

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