February 24, 2017

SEDC's Information Security Program Library Now Shared with All NRECA Member Cooperatives


SEDC’s Cyber Resilience Initiative Is Going Nationwide

We’re pleased and excited to announce that SEDC and NRECA are collaborating to help utilities across the country improve and strengthen their cyber posture. In mid 2016, SEDC’s CRI Team released the ISPL (Information Security Program Library) to our customers. The ISPL is an extensive roadmap for establishing and upholding cybersecurity policies and procedures at your utility. Since the original release, we’ve been honing the ISPL to ensure it provides a solid foundation for cyber resilience. Now, through our collaboration with NRECA, ISPL v1.1 is available to all NRECA member cooperatives.

By following the ISPL roadmap, any cooperative can develop and implement the necessary protocols and guidelines for preventing, responding to, and remediating cyber threats and attacks. We’re thrilled that the ISPL will help other utilities become more secure and more resilient!

To request your copy of the ISPL, simply fill out the form on our ISPL Download Request page.

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