January 23, 2017

Software Firms SEDC and ATS Join Forces to Form Collective Organization of Over 530 Utilities Across the U.S.


SEDC (Southeastern Data Cooperative, Inc.) and ATS (Applied Technology Solutions, Inc.) are pleased to announce both organizations will join forces in early 2017.  ATS, a leader of innovative, reliable and competitively priced software solutions to utilities since 1996, will become a new business unit within SEDC, a leader in the development of innovative utility software solutions for the last 40 years.

Together, SEDC and ATS will form a combined team of nearly 500 professionals focused on delivering software that makes our customers jobs easier through enhanced customer service, data security, and information analysis solutions. Customers of both companies will have the advantage of the industry’s leading advanced visual analytics tool, and cybersecurity solutions and services.

“We look forward to joining the SEDC family,” said Scott Woodward, CEO of ATS. “Having access to their solutions and services will be a great benefit to our customers, and will make us an even better best-in-class software solution. The economies of scale we will gain will be impactful to our software solutions and our pricing model.”

“We believe ATS is a great cultural fit for SEDC,” said RB Sloan, president and CEO of SEDC. “As innovative solution providers, we share the same values, focus and priorities as ATS. Both companies have experienced tremendous growth over the past several years, and we look forward to continuing that growth as a team.”

Over the years, SEDC has extended its reach from its Southeastern roots to serving utilities all across the nation, while gaining industry recognition for its innovative offerings; UtilityPOWERnet (UPN) software for business (BIS), consumer (CIS), analytics intelligence (IQ), and Cyber Resilience Initiative (CRI). Joining forces with ATS continues this strong expansion of innovative product offerings. Both companies will continue to offer a fully functional FIS/CIS/GIS product suite.

To learn more about the acquisition, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

For more information, contact Troy Schake, Chief Business Development Officer, SEDC, at [email protected] or (678) 906-2359.

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