March 22, 2016

UC2016 Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation


This year marks SEDC’s 40th anniversary, and our annual user conference in June will be a celebration of four decades of innovative software development.

Each year over 600 people come together at our annual conference, and each year we showcase the new developments and enhancements that we’ve added to our software suite. This year will be no exception – our biggest roll out for 2016 is designed to help protect our utility customers from the onslaught of cyber attacks occurring every single moment of the day and night.

Cyber safety is of paramount importance to us as well as to our customers, and attendees at UC2016 will walk away with practical, useful information to develop a security-conscious culture at their utilities and implement cybersecurity practices for their everyday operations. SEDC’s Cyber Resilience Initiative will help utilities strengthen their defenses against the threat of cyber attacks and will guide them in their preparations for the “what if” scenarios.

Registration for UC2016 is now open in the Member’s section.

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