May 14, 2020

SEDC Completes First Ever 100% Remote Go-Live Installation

Downtown Yazoo City, MS

SEDC, in partnership with the Public Service Commission of Yazoo City, Mississippi, has successfully completed the first 100% remote implementation of UPN MultiService General Accounting software. This achievement could potentially mark the start of a new era of flexibility in the implementation of SEDC technology solutions. The installation, which was originally scheduled for early April, was delayed due to complications from the international Covid-19 pandemic but successfully completed in May.

Like most breakthroughs, this achievement was born from a make or break situation. SEDC, realizing that several months worth of careful planning with not just Yazoo City, but many other clients was in jeopardy, began exploring available options for working around the constraints on normal operations now posed by the coronavirus.  Finding an openminded and enthusiastic partner in Yazoo City’s Public Service Commission, SEDC was able to move forward with all necessary implementation and training in Yazoo City by assisting their staff remotely via the Slack messaging app, with zero SEDC staff onsite.

Thankfully, the remote distance had little effect on communication and coordination between teams. “I think the process went well even though the SEDC team wasn’t here physically onsite,” says Richie Moore, General Manager of the Yazoo City Public Service Commission,  but they were here throughout the entire process virtually. With SEDC having dedicated resources to share computer screens and be available throughout the day to assist my team with any questions, the Public Service Commission of Yazoo City felt like we had a partner in this endeavor and weren’t left to tackle it alone.

The successful Go-live, which occurred on May 4th, was the first of its kind for the company and stands as a testament to SEDC’s culture of adaptability. In the coming months, expect more out of the box thinking from SEDC technicians, who are highly motivated to continue to provide the excellent service and well-managed processes that SEDC is known for across the utility industry.

With this, remote implementation may become an option for all SEDC customers moving forward, further increasing the myriad ways SEDC is able to solve unexpected problems and accomplish client goals.

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