Employee Spotlights
March 30, 2023

Meet Up With Jhonna Sacote

We’d love to hear a little more about your background!

I am an Asian-American, originally from the Philippines. I have also lived and worked in the island nation of Bahrain, and the Sultanate of Oman. I have a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master of Computer Education and began my career as a teacher in college and corporate settings. When I was working in Oman, I met my husband, who is originally from Atlanta. We are both converts to Islam. We have two children. Our son, John, is eighteen. Our daughter, Aisha, is thirteen.

What is your role at Meridian?

I love solving problems and making our Members happy! In 2021, I joined Meridian as a Product Support Data Analyst. I am part of the Fix and Data team, led by Marlena Ganong. She is awesome! Our team is divided into two groups, UPN and Meridian. I am on the Meridian team, and we work on data fixing and clean up. Our team includes four employees and two contractors, and we collaborate closely with the Development team.

How has your heritage influenced your career and success?

The Philippines is a melting pot country that is open to many diverse cultures. I am incredibly grateful I have been exposed to so many different customs, environments, and people. It allows me to be more agile and open-minded. Even before working abroad, I had the opportunity to meet colleagues from India, America, Africa, Korea, and China. As a teacher, I met students from several different countries. This makes me very flexible when dealing with Members. I believe there is beauty in every person and in every situation, and I love to discover it!

What advice do you have for others, as they pursue their personal and professional goals?

Nothing is impossible! Always dream big, and don’t limit yourself. Keep learning new skills. If you can, travel at least once a year and visit another city or country that you’ve never seen before.

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