Employee Spotlights
February 21, 2023

Meet Up With Mary Beecroft

When did you join the Meridian family? Tell us about your current role and responsibilities.

I joined the company in August 2017 as a Tech Doc Writer for MultiService. I became an Implementer in the fall of 2019 and joined the CIS New Client team when it was formed in late 2020. Our team only works with brand new Members, and I really enjoy visiting their sites and getting to know them. Our first Go Live was Littleton Electric Light and Water Department this past October. We are now starting on the Village of Endicott NY, which will be the first project I lead from start to finish.

What motivates you at work?

I love the challenging problem-solving that comes with my role, and I enjoy using my brain in new ways! Our team is extremely collaborative and it’s fun to swap and share knowledge. Every Member is unique, and no two projects are alike. When I’m on-site with our Members, I truly feel like I am part of their staff. We get to know each other personally and this is extremely rewarding. We all work together to create something better that we could not have alone.

What inspired you to join the Wellness Committee?

I’m certainly passionate about Wellness, but it was also a way to increase my internal network and meet others from across our organization. Our message is that wellness should be fun and social!

Can you share any of your personal health and wellness habits? How do these mold your mindset?

I try to exercise every day, but I also know my limits and allow myself time to rest. My daily routine may include CrossFit, walking my dog, or a round of Pickleball with my 70-year-old mother. Regardless, daily exercise gives me a sense of accomplishment, reminds me that I am capable of overcoming challenges, and helps me build community. Our physical and mental well-being is closely intertwined, and one leads to the other.

What are three things you can’t live without?

A good night’s sleep, a good pair of shoes, and a healthy dose of sunshine.

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