January 17, 2024

Meridian Cooperative Releases Omnichannel Communications

Atlanta, GA – January 17, 2024 Meridian Cooperative, trusted leader in the development of innovative utility software and technology solutions, officially announces the release and full availability of its Omnichannel communications solution. Omnichannel, previously referred to as Engage among test sites, is the aptly named Omnichannel communications solution that allows consumer-facing users of the UPN and MeridianCIS Customer Information Systems to freely monitor, receive, and reply to incoming communications across multiple channels, from within one convenient application. A first in the utility services industry, Omnichannel allows utilities to easily scale the capabilities of their service representative teams, allowing each representative to comfortably field far more inquiries than previously possible.

Omnichannel currently supports SMS, Webchat, and Facebook Messenger communications with Voice support currently in development and Email support planned in the near future.

“Omnichannel is a game-changer in the member engagement space.”, says Justin Brewer, Director of Premium Communications at Meridian Cooperative. “We set out to build a solution that improves the customer service experience for the people on both sides of the inquiry, and I believe Meridian Omnichannel will be a smashing success that no CSR wants to work without.”

For more information on Omnichannel and other Meridian Enterprise utility solutions, contact [email protected]

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Meridian Cooperative is a trusted leader in the development of innovative utility software and technology solutions. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we’re squarely committed to providing our users with the Billing, Accounting, Engineering, and Operations applications they rely on to provide essential services in their communities. Our all-in-one solutions are cost-effective, flexible, and backed by teams of expert designers and dedicated support staff. With nearly 50 years of experience, we are second to none in terms of developing cutting-edge technologies and building lasting relationships in the communities we serve.

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