Meridian Takes Nashville for TechAdvantage 2022

Watch the Recap Video Here Laughter between old friends, drinks that keep on coming, melt in your mouth brisket, and an outrageously comfortable carpet. Although these things sound like the makings of an excellent dinner party, those were the sights, sounds, and smells permeating NRECA’s TechAdvantage 2022 conference in Nashville, TN. Considering it had been […]

Do you Know Captain Zap?

By Jared Patton Ian Murphy, alias Captain Zap, was the first person in history to be arrested, charged, and convicted of a felony cybercrime. In 1981, Murphy and three friends hacked into the servers of a young AT&T corporation, changing internal clocks to alter metered billing rates. This was a simple task considering that the […]

A Young Electrical Engineer’s Rapid Co-op Career Rise

Driven by Passion for Advanced Analytics and Co-op Enterprise Software Excellence A Bundle of Energy Kelsey Gustainis is from Tulsa Oklahoma and was always very good at math. She admits she had no idea, back in high school, what engineering really was. As Gustainis says, “All I knew was that I didn’t want to be […]

Tech Transformed

SERVICE TRANSFORMED Meridian’s Customer Portal gives utilities the ability to set up a branded, customizable website that can bring together data from multiple systems and sources. Consumers can access specialized payment capabilities, account alerts, billing information, important announcements and more, securely online with no need for the utility to invest resources into a taxing web […]

Build Trust

In any computer system, the largest vulnerability and easiest way for bad actors to gain access is by tricking unsuspecting users. Attackers use many methods, from sleight of hand to direct, personalized appeals to fool users into dropping the ball. Now more than ever, businesses must invest not only in reliable cybersecurity solutions but in […]

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