January 4, 2022

RB Sloan Announces Retirement as CEO From Meridian Cooperative

Atlanta, GA – January 4th, 2022 After nearly 50 years in the utility industry, Meridian Cooperative (formerly SEDC) Chief Executive Officer RB Sloan has announced his retirement. He has served in this role since March of 2013. During his tenure, Sloan led the organization through significant changes in leadership, structure, and innovation. Along the way, he renewed the company’s vision, and championed enduring partnerships with members/customers.

“I am extremely proud of Meridian and all we have accomplished. I have never enjoyed a job more than this one, and I attribute that to our like-minded member/customers and our forward-thinking employees who can accomplish just about anything they set their minds to. They have embraced the changes that drive our innovation, which is truly the hallmark of our organization.”

Sloan went on to share, “Over the years we have shifted our focus and we are constantly asking what we can do to make the lives of our member/customers easier and better.” He emphasized how rewarding it has been to watch our member/customers take our solutions and make them their own. “Years ago, our industry didn’t have the technology to do many of the things we can do today, but we’ve found ways to harness and apply new technology that has transformed the needs of our member/customers into brand new solutions. So, when I say this is the best job I’ve ever had, it’s largely because I’ve been on the other side: I’ve seen the needs, and now we can offer real solutions.”

Prior to his tenure at Meridian, Sloan spent the first 39 years of his career in the utility industry. Starting at EnergyUnited (formerly Crescent EMC) in Statesville, NC, he later served in several leadership roles across the cooperative community. Most recently he served as the CEO of Pedernales Electric Cooperative in Johnson City, TX, from 2011 to 2013. The Meridian Cooperative Board of Directors has partnered with an executive search firm to launch a nationwide search for Sloan’s successor. They expect this search to last through the end of April. Sloan will continue in his current role until his successor has successfully transitioned.

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